Crunch self-employed business workshop

March 20th @ 6pm in London

Join us for an evening of expert tips, one-on-one guidance and friendly networking with some of the best and brightest freelancers and contractors in London.
Starting at 6pm at York House, near Kings Cross, the evening will begin with three talks from business experts, and finish with an open networking session. There will be refreshments provided, and the event is totally free to attend!

Laura Hughes, Crunch Accountancy Training Manager

Laura will provide a quick overview of the current accountancy and tax landscape for the self-employed, discuss whether a sole trader or limited company structure is more beneficial, and take any accounting and tax questions you may have.

Troy Stevens from QDOS

Industry experts QDos will join us to talk about professional compliance and the dreaded IR35 legislation. How does it affect you, how can you minimise your risk, and how can you protect yourself?
QDos’ compliance experts will be on hand to take your questions afterwards.

Darren Fell, Crunch co-founder and Managing Director

How to make your business work
Darren runs through the basics of running a business as an independent professional - how to maintain cashflow, how to manage your sales funnel, and how to stay on top of everything.
Drawing on his experience setting up two successful businesses, Darren can offer expert advice and guidance on just about any aspect of running a business.

Hosted at DeskLodge KGX Kings Cross

York House, 207-221 Pentonville Road N1 9UZ

Location details:

A new venue, just opened a few minutes from Kings Cross. Bright and airy with fabulous views over the city. We combine private offices and fixed desks with hotdesks, lounge and hub areas. Our main meeting room has a 5m wide whiteboard and we serve fresh ground Monmouth coffee!

Take the Pentonville Road exit from platform level - or head past ThamesLink towards Angel - and we're the brick building behind trees opposite the tall blue glass building.

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